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Creative Zoom Set Ideas

With our work and social life looking a little different these days, many of us have gotten used to the Zoom platform, the virtual conferencing site that keeps us visual and engaged for our clients, bosses and team members. One of the dynamic features of Zoom allows participants to add their own unique backdrop to their account. With this luxury, creative and clever backdrops are becoming all the rage, leading to social chatter and trending conversations. For work forums, they are proving to be organic icebreakers amongst team members, kicking off with some fun (and a needed break from formalities). For social gatherings, they are providing humor and entertainment for family, friends and happy hour crowds.

We have compiled some ideas for different Zoom backdrops to virtually set you in a creative space.


Poll 100 people on where they get their best ideas and see how many of them say “at the office”. Chances are no one will.

Wherever you get your best idea, whether it’s in the shower, on the golf course, while exercising, or even while dozing off, find a Zoom backdrop that best represents where your creativity roars. If people find it odd that you are virtually in the shower (clothes mandated), just let them know that’s where your lightbulb shines the brightest.


Are you a rapid fan of the new television series phenomenon Tiger King? Or have you mastered the art of a good Tik Tok? Do you want to be with the Real Housewives of Orange County or are you the missing Golden Girl? These Zoom backgrounds are a great conversation piece for the start of a virtual chat, where everyone can give their opinions on Episode 4, or show off their dance moves, and / or videos, before the meeting formalities begin.


One of the many things that a vast majority of the world is mourning right now is the lack of Sports! There’s no better way to honor your favorite pigskin team or basketball player than to devote a backdrop to them. Put yourself in the middle of Fenway Park or center court at Madison Square Garden. You’re bound to get a rise out of your fellow Zoomers and we can all daydream for the day that we hear that whistle blow again.


Whether it’s a photo that lives on your personal camera roll, or one that has been circulated on the internet (see link below for TPG), travel backdrops are always a crowd pleaser. They help you escape your current location and whisk you away, back to a time when traveling felt like a normal, accepted activity and the memory of a certain vacation or trip has you feeling all nostalgic. Iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Rushmore have all made appearances on personal accounts.


These are the backdrops that are by far the most visually appealing. From the Amazon rainforest, to crystal blue-green waters of Tahiti, these settings make visually stimulating and eye catching backdrops. If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit the place that you choose as your backdrop, at least you can pretend you are there, even if it’s just for the duration of the Zoom call. Be warned- the more visually appealing your backdrop is, the more people will be looking at you so be on your best behavior!


Let’s be honest, people are nosy right now about where we are all holed up. Use this moment to show off your best room! Either stream live from your woman / man cave or take a picture of a proud room in your house, maybe when the bed was made or the dishes were done at some point. Your fellow Zoomers would love to see where you are spending your days, what kind of taste you have in wall art, or how often your dog paces in the background, waiting for you to get off the computer. It’s also ok to show some unfolded laundry in the background. Don’t worry about judgement – no one saw this coming so we are all making the best of the environment we are in!


If you wanna really make them laugh, come dressed as your favorite character from Harry Potter and add a backdrop of Hogwarts. Or dress up as a baseball player and throw yourself in the middle of the outfield for fun. Just be mindful of how formal the meeting is - you wouldn’t want to be dressed as Harry when your boss is having you pitch to a potential client! Unless the client loves Harry Potter.

For more ideas, download free Zoom backdrops here:



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