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Where we will never pretend that we are worthy of a name like Edison, we are very inspired by the inventor, who holds over 1,000 patents in the US, including the foundational innovations for products such as the lightbulb, the motion picture camera and the phonograph.

His lifetime was dedicated to innovation & fueled by a belief that success was inevitable. We are committed to bring that passion and commitment to our team and clients every day.

It is said that Edison aligned his goals with his passions and led a culture centered around a powerful sense of optimism. His outlook, paired with other key factors had a magnetic, positive effect on those that he worked with, investors, clients, and ultimately the entire world.

This is the spirit that drives us.





We provide global expertise, innovative thinking, fresh branding & crisis preparedness solutions that are accessible & obtainable to large corporations, small businesses &
anyone who wants to develop or preserve their dream.


We believe that success is inevitable, just as Edison's insatiable drive & positivity drove everyone around him to create magical results. 

If there is a way to do it, do it well, & solve a need in the marketplace, we will get there! 


Edison recognized trends, evaluated gaps in the marketplace & determined how his laboratories could create solutions. 

We are dedicated to listening, understanding & being partners in problem solving to envision bright futures for our clients in all we do.


Edison would consider all of the different angles of multiple projects at once. 

We balance many bulbs in the air & pull on research, experiences, learnings & ideas to drive the best possible results.


No one ever claims that they came up with their best ideas sitting in an office. Edison claimed success from playing in the world of extremities.


We believe that through health, laughter and exploration of diverse experiences, we bring fresh, innovative perspective to even the most challenging situations.  


Edison regularly engaged a large network of collaborators to help tackle a myriad of challenges.


We set up our Edison 360 expert network to bring the best brains in the business together to make our clients soar. Why go with multiple agencies when you can have it all with one?

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