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Post Covid-19 Positioning - What's Next for Your Brand?

Pressures may be mounting and thoughts swirling. How might you channel those thoughts towards growth and possibility? Ask the question... How might you position your personal or corporate brand in the new normal?

Here are some suggested guidelines to put you in place for success!

LISTEN What is your consumer thinking? With public perception of your brand’s messaging being so important, social listening is imperative to know what people are saying about you. By researching conversations or mentions of your brand, you can evaluate inconsistent with the message you provide. On the flip side, if nothing’s being said about you, it’s time to ramp up your game to get in the conversation. Social listening will help guide you on both of these scenarios.

SELF-EVALUATE If your brand has been successful for you up until now, it may not require a whole overhaul of your messaging. That said, with a new wave ahead of us, it’s best to analyze your current messaging and product. From what you learned from the consumer, is what you are saying and offering timely and relevant? Have your competitors changed? Does your brand position still make sense?

STEP BACK Take a moment to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and look at your position from their eyes. After evaluating your brand and positioning, do they still need or want what you offer? Taking an unbiased approach and viewing from their perspective may offer ways to challenge how you might meet them at a place where they find value in your brand in a new light!

DELIVER It is critical that you show you took their feedback to heart. If you try and deliver improvements to your brand or messaging, but haven’t listened to their needs, it will turn them off from further exploring what you have to offer. Similarly, if you are going to market for the first time and haven’t taken any measures to fully dissect your target consumer, initial success may waver.

CONVINCE By listening to your consumer, self-evaluating your product and positioning and looking at all of it through the lens of your consumer, you will have the intel you need to craft messaging for a convincing campaign. Whether that’s convincing them to give your brand a chance, or even a second chance, it’s beneficial to ensure you are putting out messaging that they want to see and hear so they know they’ve been heard. Just remember – you can’t please everyone so do your best and apply your learnings where you can.

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