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Effective Copywriting

Use Your Words to Drive Results and Start Selling

Effective copywriting is key to building, maintaining and sustaining any brand or service. Your words matter, so make sure you are being timely, relevant and speaking to your consumer in a tone that is going to resonate.

Once you have your target consumer, quality and poignant copywriting will drive greater results as they connect with you. But powerful copywriting takes time, research, and skill- three things that must consistently be nurtured to achieve the results you want. To avoid writer’s block and maximize your copywriting techniques, here are some tips to help you get the results you are looking for:

RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH– You cannot have too much information. The more you are able to dig up on the subject you are writing about, the more you will have in your arsenal to call upon for inspiration.

ENHANCE THE SUBJECT MATTER- Figure out how to make what you are writing about a little more interesting. If you are trying to market a brand or sell a product, tell your consumer the truth behind what they are seeing, and try to make it as fascinating as you can. Whether it’s with pictures, clever copy, or even storytelling, make it entertaining, which will inevitably make you more memorable.

CATCHY HEADLINE- If you can’t think of a catchy headline, write the copy first and then pull some of the best content out of it to formulate a newsworthy headline. The more straightforward the better, so there’s no question as to what you are trying to convey in your copy. Try to create headlines that will generate self-interest vs. mere curiosity. Also offer something to your audience right away to quench their thirst. When your audience receives something valuable from you right from the start, even from an article, they will be more inclined to keep coming back which helps build the trust circle.

BE INNOVATIVE- Think outside the box! Don’t be afraid to try something new as it could spark even more ideas than you thought possible. Be bold and brave with your writing. If you are in a rut, step away from your current project and take five minutes (time yourself) and write about your elementary school cafeteria. What was in your lunch? What did it smell like? What were you wearing? Who were you sitting with? What did you do after lunch? An exercise like this helps open our creative mind space. Return to your project with a new fresh set of eyes and perspective.

BE A STORYTELLER- Place value on personal stories. What have you experienced that could help your audience? Play to the emotions of your audience and write about something from the heart, something personal to you, and something that they will crave to hear more about.

BE TRUE TO YOU- This is where your brand voice, tone, style, vibe, morals and values come into play. Build on your predetermined brand guidelines to make you stand out from the competition and cater to your target audience. Every brand has a unique personality, so be sure to incorporate that into your messaging and communications.

EASY ON THE EYES- Craft your content so it’s easy and inviting to look at. Whether it's using a good font, incorporating some visuals into the piece, adding some variety into the text i.e. bulleted lists, or even some emojis, content that is eye appealing will garner more attention.

CATER TO CRAVINGS- Tempt you target audience with content that you know they already desire. By generating great content, they will be more inclined to respond to it as they are already craving it.

BE DISRUPTIVE- Break the rules a little or invoke your voice or some slang into the piece. Don’t be afraid to not follow the book of grammar or the English dictionary all the time. Ensure that when you break a rule that it flows with your brand in a seamless and organic way - try not to force it. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY- Find a meaning behind everything you are putting your efforts into. Don’t just write to write - make sure you have a purpose for what you are pouring your efforts into and that fits with your overall strategy. Engaging and purposeful content will reign supreme.

SIMPLIFY- Make your content as clear and concise as possible. This will ensure that your audience understands what you are trying to convey in a quick and effective way. You can still get creative in your writing; just make sure the point is direct.

STAY FOCUSED- Give yourself the best chance to succeed, which means shutting off all distractions around you. Whether it's setting an alarm to stay focused on a project, or building a schedule and sticking to that routine, it's important to avoid any outside distractions.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE- Appeal to your audience’s emotions! As the writer, ask yourself what you think they are looking for right now. The more you can speak to your audience’s emotions, or how you imagine they are feeling, the more you will connect with them. If there is a worry or fear in the air, find ways to offer uplifting and positive copy. This helps build a relationship between you and your audience and establishes trust as they see themselves in your words.

FIND YOUR HOOK- If everyone is talking about the same thing, it will be hard to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Find an alternative, unique way into the conversation that helps your text stand apart from the rest, to get noticed. Research good sources and information and find something you can comment on, based on your expertise, to offer your audience valuable information.

WORD BANK- When you are marketing a brand, or selling a product, it’s good to have a consistent word bank, one that clearly defines your brand and is recognizable to your target audience. Come up with a catalog of words that you can easily call upon when needed to ensure that your voice stays true.

STAY PRESENT- Don’t focus on what you aspire to be, but rather who you ARE. Write about what you are achieving in that moment and how you are achieving it. Instead of “It’s our goal to enhance your brand with our innovative techniques” replace it with “We enhance brands with innovative techniques”. This offers the consumer trust in your credibility and demonstrates a promise that you intend to keep.

CASE STUDIES- If you are writing about something that could be construed as subjective, be sure to back up your copy with facts or case studies to show credibility. This will prove to skeptics that you know what you are talking about and prove reliability.

CALL TO ACTION- Be sure to include a way for audiences to contact you if they desire to learn more, read more, or purchase your services. This is a great way to build that potential customer base and allows you to nurture those relationships once the first point of contact is made.

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