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Creativity While Quarantined

Little ones (and the poor dog) may be confused by the disruption of routine, unable to comprehend why you are home and why time with friends is on hold.

Just because we are in a space of uncertainty, little minds and activity shouldn’t stop.

Here are a few fun ideas to keep your children (and YOU!) active, engaged and creative!


Apps like GoNoodle and programs such as Just Dance are full of creative videos that are designed to expend energy and engage young minds with learning components and routines. Cosmic Yoga uses bright colors and storytelling to spark interactive fun for the little ones, while Yoga with Adrienne is one of our favorites for a variety of movement activities for all ages. Want to turn off the tech? Put on some of your favorite tunes, crank em up and dance 'til you drop!


No- we are not suggesting that you engage in a family spar. Put the gloves down and grab the nearest leftover box from Christmas, moving, Amazon, etc. (if you have recently purchased a refrigerator, bike or large piece of furniture, you are about to become PARENT OF THE YEAR!) Put out markers, construction paper, glue, straws or other wing-dings that are around and make some room. Watch as your little ones will gravitate to the blank canvas to create. (bonus if there is bubble wrap still inside!) Where the box was once home to their Barbie dream house or bike, the empty box can be whatever they want...A rocket to the moon, a pirate ship for swashbuckling, or the perfect road-tripping station wagon.


Have some extra sheets in your laundry closet? Let your little ones get creative and use whatever linens, pillows, maybe Christmas lights and string to create their own fort. Bring some crayons and coloring books or a flashlight and some books so they may personalize their new abode with artwork and a Welcome (or Keep Out) sign!


With a few pieces of paper and some colored legos, hide both around the house. The goal is to match the lego pieces with the coordinating piece of colored paper. Have a surprise ready for the person that comes back with the most pair. More than one sibling in the house? Turn it into a timed competition of who can come back with the rainbow first!


Get a mason jar, emptied can of Pringles or even a baggy and write questions prompts on the papers to use as thought starters for stories. Either share true family tales or using your imagination, create tale tales of lands far, far away. Exaggerate the stories by building on them together. Have one person say one sentence and then next has to add to it with "...Yes, AND..." Who knows where you may end up on this endless adventure?


Whether it's paint, chalk, play-doh, markers or make-shift craft supplies of dried noodles and string, create your family art museum. Give each person an exhibit room and put the masterpieces on display. Make museum tickets for admittance, or video tape the museum tour to send to family and friends. Use inspiration from these 12 museums across the world that are offering online virtual tours .


Either as a one-time activity, or a cork board to add to daily, create a gratitude / vision / inspiration board with pictures, quotes, cutouts, art... anything that inspires and enlightens your day. Put it in a prominent place to bring joy and encouragement every time you look at it!


How cool would it be to find a box in 20 years that has some things in it that are representative of the current year? Have each person add a small token that is personal to them with little story or description that will mean even more when it is uncovered in the future. Write a note on its location and put it somewhere safe so you don’t forget to remember where you buried it!


It's showtime! Putting on a play is a great way for kids to show their creativity while getting to use some fun household items and materials to further enhance their performances. Allow your kids to practice their play for as long as they need to feel comfortable with it. Set-up a backdrop and even videotape the performance to send to family and friends.


Go out and collect rocks for your children to paint and even include motivating words on them. Place them in public parks or rock beds where the art and words may bring joy to others.


With social distancing in effect, especially when it comes to the elderly population, there is an opportunity to show love and affection to grandparents right now with a letter to express long-distance love. Although FaceTime and phone calls may be easier, a piece of mail and a picture are guaranteed to bring smiles. 

Our military men and women need virtual hugs as well! Let a service member know your appreciation with a note or a picture of "thanks." Several websites assist with contacting active soldiers such as


Research recipes online or in cookbooks and allow children to master the details of measuring and creating their own tasty creations (with adult supervision, of course). Add spins to the activity by making each member responsible for one course and having the littlest chefs design a menu for the family restaurant or choose one ingredient that each chef MUST use in their recipe. Take pics of masterpieces and start your family cookbook! (and watch our friends on Top Chef for inspiration !)


No pool? No problem. Engage is some traditional water play in the backyard with the sprinklers or a homemade slip and slide. This is a great way to burn some energy and take in the fresh air!

Keep spirits high and creativity flowing! x Team Edison