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Weather The Storm

We love to dream big and create, but when it comes to crisis, the pixie dust is left at the door.

Protecting your brand is just as important as growing it. The way a crisis or a major issue is managed is serious business and can define your company’s reputation for the future.

In custom-tailored simulation exercises and workshops, we will work with your team to make sure that even the most turbulent of storms won't rock your brand boat.

And if you just need 911 crisis management or communications, we're here for you too.

Specialties include both routine, predictable crisis management (i.e. deaths, acts of mother nature, etc.) as well as "true" crisis situations where this is no existing format or rule book, which takes innovation and problem solving. (i.e. the current Covid-19 situation.) Other examples include:


  • Property damage

  • Personal / Public Figure / Reputation Management

  • Virus & Disease/ Health Crisis

  • Data & Safety Breaches 

  • Sexual harassment and racial discrimination issues

  • Acquisition or reorganization communications 

  • Operational, facility, safety and workplace issues accidents

Help is here.
Being prepared for a crisis puts you and your teams in a power position to protect your brand if troubles arise. But no athlete has won the Olympics without serious training. 
With custom-designed programs, we will help you evaluate potential risks, host mock-scenarios and leave you with tools to set you up for success.
The stress of a handling a crisis is daunting in itself, but adding a news camera in your face as you are going through it adds an entirely new level of panic to the situation. 
Be prepared for what comes your way. We will help you get in shape to take on anything that comes your way. 
No matter the situation, and how prepared you may be, sometimes added help is needed to get through tough times. 
That's where we come in. Having navigated many global crisis situations, our team will work with your team to manage the situation and mitigate further impact to your brand.
Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith! Go forward! 
Thomas Edison
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