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Be Niche

We view our clients as our partners and we are dedicated to finding creative solutions

to craft your brand story together.

Before we met you though, we must let you know … we got around. We have developed messaging and campaigns and made headlines for some of the world's most iconic brands and names.

Whether this is your first rodeo as an entrepreneur or you are established and need a refresh, we will spend a nerdy amount of time researching and listening, and when we do have something to say, you can trust that it will be grounded in extensive experience, research and the spotlight will shine on you.

So enough about us…THIS IS ABOUT YOU.

 What may we help you with?

Together we will create a cohesive brand message, keywords and experiences for you to describe your brand. What makes you shine? What do you offer that your consumer wants? How do you describe your brand to your friends and family? How do you want to be perceived? We'll help you get there!

  • Brand Positioning

  • Word Bank + Key Phrases

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Narrative

  • Signature Experiences

  • Service Training


We will develop a consistent look and feel that will give you a solid foundation to share internally, externally, with clients, partners, and investors. This will ensure that your brand is uniformly represented in the marketplace. What do you look like? How does your brand feel? What's your style? Based on your brand's needs, this could include any of the below assets.  

  • Logos

  • Fonts

  • Color Palette

  • Brand Templates

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Brand Book 


Brand new, or just in need a refresh? We will set you up for prime time, in no time.


From creative copy, rack cards and flyers, or sales kits and a content library, to complete ad campaign creation, we've got you covered.

  • Copywriting

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Collateral

  • Email & Sales templates

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Thomas Edison
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